Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glitter bats!

We've gone a little batty! Here they are! My sidekick put the glitter sprinkles on...These sugar cookies smell so buttery and sweet..oh so good! AND-- they are great with a cup of tea.


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  2. Royal Frosting:
    Powdered Sugar
    Splash of Vanilla extract
    Splash of Butter extract

    For this really need to test out the amounts. I start out by adding a little milk at at time after I add the extracts in. It all depends on what you want your consistency to be like. I really wanted a very thick consistency so that I could pipe the frosting on and not have it drip down the sides. If you want to change the color of the frosting..just add some icing color. I used the Wilton brand. Here is the link:

    Come on give it a try!... it tastes delicious!! And the piping is not as hard at is sounds! Even the kids love to help out!! Grab some sprinkles and edible decorations and go crazy!