Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Baking

These are our sugar little side kick helped me out w/ these. Yes, she LOVES to be in the kitchen. I was aiming for a more "neat" look. BUT it was a half day at school for the kids. A rainy day is a good day for baking and when my little helpers are makes for great fun. Check out our ghost and cat. We made our own sugar cookie dough. (This dough is AMAZING- the recipe is  an original, from my cousin Jo. She is a fabulous cook!) Then, we frosted them w/ royal frosting. ROYAL FROSTING: Confectionary sugar, some milk..and I added a touch of vanilla. For the color we used WILTON icing color.

What did the boy do in the kitchen while we decorated... well...if you must know- he made a cake. Yup! He read the directions on the back of the dunkin hines box and made his own cake! What great helpers I have!!!
 We will use his cake to try out those ghost pops!
Can't wait!


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