Monday, November 30, 2009

Carmelita Bars

The story behind this recipe goes like this...

A couple of years ago...for our anniversary we took a trip to Cape Cod. It was October and alot of the restaurants were closed or closing. But our favorite little pizza place was still open & we found out, that trip.. that it is open all year round. It's a small little new york style pizza place in a tiny little plaza in Orleans.

After dinner, while we were headed to the door to leave... I caught a glimpse of a small shelf with desserts on it. One caught my said "Carmelita". Most people who know me, know- that I don't usually go for dessert. I am more of a frozen yogurt type of person..not a cake, cookie...dessert person! (isn't that funny!!!) Anyway, I walked up to the counter and ordered one of the carmelita's...and I FELL IN LOVE. My husband & I walked to the car and we both tasted it... It was DEVINE! It was SO good that, I had him go back in to buy 2 more. One for my mother in law to taste (she LOVES dessert) and one for my work out buddy (who doesn't really eat dessert either!). Let's just say.. my work out buddy never had the chance to come for tea and taste the flakey oatmeal crust filled with chocolate chips, nuts, and mouth watering caramel because I ATE the entire bar. IN FACT.. I savored that bar...and it took me 3 eat it...piece by piece.
 WELL, I had to know how to make it.. So I tried out a few different recipes...but they just were not the same. Right before I perfected my own version of the Carmelita, I had the bright idea of calling that restaurant... from my home in Connecticut. I thought that I would just ask the restaurant owners for the recipe. "What could it hurt?" I thought to myself. Of course they would share their recipe ...right??? Wouldn't you???


NO, was the answer they gave me. I was standing in my kitchen, when the women on the phone... so nicely told me she didn't sell or share her recipes! She was very nice... I must say...
What did I do next...


Here it is.. the most mouth watering dessert I have ever had...I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as I do!

Carmelita Bars

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  1. click the link above to see the story behind the carmelita and for a picture of this delicious cookie bar!!