Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicken and Broccoli in a White Wine Sauce over Pasta

This is a favorite in my house! Easy and we always have the ingredients either in the fridge or in the garden. Fresh broccoli from the garden is great... we still have some growing! Hope you like this recipe.

Chicken and Broccoli Over Pasta

Ingredients: You can really make the portion size whatever you want..depending on how many people you are having.

chicken breast (one or two) cut up into cubes

broccoli (cut up into pieces you can pick up with a fork!)

teaspoon???minced garlic-- use as much garlic as you like!!

olive oil
white or pink wine
2 bullion cubes (or 2 cups of broth)
parmsan cheese about a 1/2 cup or so... little more little less

1 pound of pasta---Any pasta you want..(the fresh pasta is of course FABULOUS with this..but for a quicky dinner... boxed is the way to go!)

Put the olive in the pan and brown up your chicken... then take out.
You might need a little more olive oil...then add your garlic and onions.(Don't burn them!) Let your onions sweat and when they are translucent... add about a cup of wine. While the wine is burning off the alcohol.. put your water on for pasta and start getting that ready.
Next add the chicken back, about a cup and a half of water and the bullion cubes. (If you use broth just add about a cup and half of broth) Let simmer for about 5-7 minutes.
Next add your broccoli. (I use alot of broccoli..a crown or too... we like it!) If you think you need more liquid add the rest of the water.
Once your broccoli is bright green (don't let it get mooshy) Turn off your heat (hopefully your pasta is done by then... and put if over your pasta. Mix your parmesan cheese in w/ the pasta mixture.

Warm Crunchy Italian bread goes great with this! YUM

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  1. Trying to stay away from pasta??
    Whole Wheat pasta would be great with this, or you could cut the pasta in half and use some shredded zucchini...(SO GOOD!)