Saturday, November 21, 2009

fall cookies

These are the fall cookies I've been working on... will post more once I am finished.
They are homemade sugar cookies with royal frosting piped onto them! FUN!

They are drying on wax paper!!

Decorating with Royal Icing.. 
You can find royal icing at any place that sells wilton products...
You can make your own.

Powdered Sugar

YES! That's all you need!!! I am serious! You will have to get it to the consistency that you like. So start off by only adding a little of milk at a time. Then mix into the sugar..(it's kind of a messy process!) 
If you want to add color...I use the wilton color paste. (you will need to only add a little at a time for that too!)
GET YOUR ARMS MUSCLES READY!!! This will be a workout!
You will do a lot of mixing! But it will be worth it! When you mix your own you are guaranteed to have just the right consistency that you need and the perfect color!
TRY IT OUT!! The possibilities are endless.




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