Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sidekick one...RC has been begging me to post his Taco Pizza Recipe.  Friday night is homemade pizza night at our house. Check out his step by step process. (LOL) He came up with this recipe using leftovers!! We had taco's during the week & RC thought since taco's are one of his favorite dinner's... it would be a great idea to make a TACO PIZZA!

Pizza dough
 (you can use store bought..we make our own family pizza dough recipe!)
Your choice of taco sauce
(RC prefers medium)
Grated Taco Cheese
Cooked ground chicken with taco seasonings
(left overs!!!!)
 Fat free Re fried beans
(I think we used Amy's Organic)
Chopped up green or red pepper
(we use peppers right from the garden)
Taco Shells (or tortilla chips)-broken up
Add any other ingredients you have left over! RC

Spread out  your dough onto a cookie sheet and let rise for about 10 minutes.  

Put a thin layer of cheese on the dough. Pour the taco sauce over the cheese and spread with a spoon. 

Place the ground chicken over the sauce and cheese. Then dollop your refried beans over the layer of chicken. (You can add your extra toppings..such as onions or peppers..etc.)

Place the crushed up taco shells over the refried bean layer. Then add a little more taco sauce and taco cheese for your top layer.

Place in the oven at about 375-400 degrees for 20 minutes.
(check after 15)

Let cool, then slice and enjoy!!


  1. Besides that fact that he is just soooo cute, that looks delicious!!! im pretty sure we are going to try that on night this week :)

  2. I will tell my little sidekick!! He was so excited to have his own post!! It's fun to cook with the kids! I love having them in my little kitchen.