Thursday, December 17, 2009

Challah Bread

Well, I did it! This morning I made the bread dough..then I let it rise for an hour... after that, I punched it down... and let is rise again..but this time in the fridge..while I was at work.
It more than doubled in size and it was gorgeous looking dough.. but wait...I think the bread came out just as nice... I am still working on the braiding...but here are my two sweet challah breads. I just finished taking them out of the oven... One is a chocolate chip bread and the other is just sweet challah...I wish you could smell my house... the air is so sweet and thick...
it's that smell when you open the door as you walk into a bakery----the thick air tickles your nose..and as you breath in your first breath, you gain about ten pounds from that wonderful sweet smell...

Chocolate Chip Challah

Sweet Challah Breads

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