Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peanut butter-y heaven

Peanut butter and Jelly... delicious.
Peanut butter and Chocolate...MAGICAL!!!!!!
The perfect marriage between the creamy, crispy, crunchy peanut butter and the smooth sweet milk chocolate, in this treat, will have you going back for seconds.

Check this out! The first thin layer is chocolate chip brownie. Next, comes the magical mix I took from a recipe my dear friend Jodie gave me for buck eye's. It's chunky peanut butter, mixed with butter and rice cereal. The top layer is a thin layer of melted milk chocolate chips. It is just enough to finish off this treat...

I still need to come up with a name for these...they are soo good!!!!

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  1. These look great! Welcome to the Foodie Blogroll!

  2. Thank you!! They taste soo good too. I hope you try them!!!