Monday, December 21, 2009

Sugar/Shortbread Cookies with Royal Frosting

Busy working on these sugar cookies..they take a LONG time..but they are worth it...
I want to share the recipe I found online for Royal Frosting (I switched it up a tiny bit) is so fluffy & very easy to work with! Check out some of my pictures!

Royal Frosting Recipe

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  1. OMG- these are gorgeous. Is this the same cookie recipe that Ginny uses?

  2. Thank you! I use a family sugar/shortbread cookie recipe created by my dad's cousin Josephine...(aunt Jo). The recipe is simple but the cookie taste fabulous. I thought I would try out some fancy royal frosting art on these babies.. Josephine is an AMAZING cook & baker! Have you ever had her cream puffs??? OH!! Just amazing.. I am going to beg her for the recipe this week!