Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Irish Dance

You know how much I love piping those royal frosting cookies...don't you??? Spending hours on end piping and mixing colors... well I do!! I can't help's that artsy side of me that just needs to get out!!! I was at it again the other day trying out another it is... an irish dance shoe.. this is just a rough draft. I know, I know... I promise to get my act together and show you a finished product. This one is a bit sloppy..but I couldn't wait to share. I have a plan for a few other cookies -- just for fun.
Why an irish dance shoe you may ask?? Well, my daughter takes irish dance lessons and absolutely LOVES it!  She is constantly dancing around our house, practicing all her steps to make sure she's got them just right so that her teacher will approve. And the pink in the background of the cookie...that is her school color!
 I hope you like it and I PROMISE to post the nice clean one I will be working on! (Maybe it will even have some sparkles... you know those irish dancers LOVE their sparkles!!!!)

Here's the lonely cookie...all packaged up nice, pretty & pink.

And here it is... still a little wet...(before I packaged if that isn't obvious! lol)


  1. That is great, I think my granddaughter would love it. What type of icing did u use?

  2. Hi Julie,
    I use Royal Frosting. Do you need the recipe? :) Does your granddaughter dance too?