Saturday, January 2, 2010

Roasted Red Pepper and Hummus

Today I made hummus for the very first time. I wish I had tried to do this earlier! I would have saved a ton of money!! The price of store bought hummus is ridiculous. If you think the taste of homemade hummus won't match up to the store bought processed are wrong!!! I can't BELIEVE how good the hummus I made tastes. It is extremely easy, delicious, CHEAP, and clean food!!!!! 
Before I go on & on about how great homemade hummus is... I am going to walk you through how to make roasted red peppers -- the way my grandmother taught me. 
(I used these peppers in my hummus!)

First I took 2 red peppers washed them, sliced them down the middle and took out the seeds. Next, I placed them on a broiler pan, lining the bottom pan with foil- just in case.

Turn your oven onto low broil and place the pan into the oven. I always leave the oven cracked a bit, so I can keep an eye on the peppers.

Once your peppers start to blacken on the tops, they are ready to come out! My peppers took about 8 minutes. But keep checking on yours!!

 Immediately after you take the peppers out of the oven, with a fork carefully place the peppers into a paper bag.

 Fold down the paper bag and let sit until the peppers are cool.

Once the peppers are cool take them out of the bag and place on a plate and begin to peel the skin off.

Now that your peppers are ready.... you can slice them up to use them in your hummus-- OR
my grandmother puts the peppers in olive, garlic and a little salt & pepper. She then lets them marinate over night.
Simple & delicious.
Roasted red peppers with the salty olive oil seeping through the soft middle and the crunchy crust of a piece of Italian bread...reminds of Sundays at my grandmothers house.

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  1. thank you! You just reminded me to post that recipe! :) I love commments!

  2. Yummy blog you have...and oh so pretty!