Tuesday, January 26, 2010

working on yellow cake and milk chocolatey frosting

I was reading a fabulous blog called the smitten kitchen...and I stumbled upon a yellow cake recipe! I have one of my own..but the picture of the cake on the blog looked beyond delicious... mouth watering delicious..just by looking at the picture!!!
Check out the link above for the recipe. The cake is amazing... however...the frosting recipe I found for fudgey frosting..just didn't cut it for me! I was so disappointed! It was a bitter tasting chocolate..not the milk chocolate creamy taste I was dreaming about!  After follwing the smitten recipe for fudgey chocolate frosting I went crazy trying to get it to the flavor I wanted! I didn't want to waste my precious ingredients!! Waste butter...NEVER!!!
I ended up adding melted milk chocolate morsels to the frosting as well as extra powdered sugar. Maybe it's just me!

My new cookie tin (well, it's really old...passed down to me..so it's NEW to me!)...perfect for carrying a few cupcakes.

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