Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homemade soft pretzels!

The last time I tried out soft pretzels with my helper was a disaster... we used the recipe by Alton Brown (who, btw, we love). It idea why..but they were gross! Not sure what happened...because the recipe I tried out today..was almost exactly the same as alton brown's!!!

I was blog hopping today and I found this recipe (on jamie cooks it up)...followed it mostly, I only had 4 tsp of yeast left in my I had to adjust a few things...
That didn't matter...
because these PRETZELS are FABULOUS!!!
A FABULOUS FIND...for this week.
PREZTEL RECIPE (click here for the recipe)

Here's some picture's of my helpers working away on this snowy day...


  1. Kelli, these look really good! I've never tried pretzels. How did the rolls turn out last night? I commented back on the post to answer your question, but it was a few hours later.

  2. Thanks Allison!
    Well my husband and son LOVED them!!I thought they tasted great too! But I think I did something wrong...I will go back and look at your post! Sorry I didn't check back! I should sign up to get emailed the responses! They were really sticky... I will try again!!! We love to have a little bread w/ dinner!!

    The kids did really great with these today!! I really think they taste great!! :) I hope you try them too! Have you done any cookies?????

  3. I'm glad they loved them! I liked them, too. I'm still looking for a really fluffy yeast roll recipe! I'm planning to do some decorated cookies Saturday for Valentine's day. I was going to make them for the kids' class parties, but they moved the parties up a day, so I ended up doing chocolate chip! I may try the pretzels this weekend as well!

  4. What a neat blog you have! The big chewy pretzels look delicious!