Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here are a few more picture's of some valentine's I've been working on! After this..I PROMISE to get more recipe's up! I just baked a wonderful chocolate cake from a recipe I saw on one of my favorite website's/blog... I'll get to that later!

This frosting is dangerous!
AND the cookie's are next! (Royal Frosting Recipe)

Next...packaging these pretty little treats...my favorite part!
Stumbled upon this site while looking around!!!

What are you making for your valentine's??


  1. thanks for sending these over for my Valentine day event Kelli! and good luck winning the gift hamper:)

  2. Only in my dreams could I make cookies like this. I just don't have the artist's touch but soooo admire those who can make such magic. Beautiful.

  3. You make my mouth water! :)
    They look so good!