Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bows and boats...

This week...I've been in the kitchen..dying fondant.... racking my brain on how to build a boat....to go on top of the cake I will be doing this weekend!! Here are a few picture's....
OH and I made some sailboat cookies too! (the boat cake is for a fundraiser for a camp my son attended this summer- which teaches children how to sail! CCB) I can't wait for both of these cakes to come together!

Enjoys these pictures... I can't wait to post a few recipes I tried out this past week...Enchilada's in the crock pot and quinoa stuffed peppers! I promise to post these soon and the great pictures that I have to go along with them!


(beginning of base of boat)

(sailboat sugar/shortbread cookies)

(lime green fondant bow)

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