Monday, March 22, 2010

Few sweet treats! son asked me to make some sponge bob cookies for his teacher's I thought I would get a head start and try them out first! JUST IN CASE. Ya never know, I didn't want to say yes...and have a crazy looking sponge bob! These are my first tries..and now I think I know what I will do...he needs some arms too!
I am also posting a picture of some special ice cream cone cupcakes that I tried out today! I am trying to figure out the second type of cupcake I should make to bring to the cupcake camp in NYC! I have to hurry up and send my recipes in! So maybe I will have all of you help me decide... here are a few of the cones...they are REALLY tricky...the dipping of the buttercream can get messy if I don't turn the cone just right! It's a bit of extra work to get them to come out the way I want. I was also thinking about making the samoa cupcakes!! I will leave it up to you all!

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