Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My friend and I had so much fun at cupcakecamp NYC that we decided, on our drive home, to organize our very own cupcakecamp in one of our local city's. New Haven seemed to be the perfect fit for this event. SO CupcakeCamp New Haven was born... 

In this city, there are so many unique bakeries with many types of special cupcakes.
New Haven is its very own..cupcake haven!
We are having an incredible time planning, finding sponsors & meeting amazing people who support & share our love of cupcakes & baking. We have a phenomenal amount of support from the local bakeries as well! IT is incredible how one little shared interest such
                              as the cupcake can bring so many people together & bring such
Just to share how much support we have... BAR in New Haven, has donated the space, 6 bakeries are sponsoring are sponsoring the event, & we have over 90 people signed up already!!! CupcakeCamp New Haven takes place on September 18th 2010, from 11-1pm, at BAR in New Haven, CT! Hop on over to cupcakecamp new haven & check our blog, friend us on facebook & follow us on twitter~ Share your ideas and let us know how much YOU love cupcakes!

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