Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cookies and Cream Cake or Cupcake Filling

Here is a really great recipe that I used this weekend on a oreo cookie cake for my sweet nieces. I think you will love it as much as I do!

Cookies N Cream Filling:
Here's what ya need...

14 stuffed cookies crushed (but not want some small chunks and definetely use those crumbs up)
1 cup of whipping cream (or heavy cream)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla (real)
1/4 cup of confectioner sugar

Ok so it's super easy.
Make sure you mixing bowl and beater are nice & cold. (I place mine in the freezer for a few minutes or so.)

Put the whipping cream, vanilla and sugar in the bowl and mix away until you get a thick whipped cream..takes a few minutes...but be patient.
Then fold in the crushed cookies!

That's It!


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  1. Thanks, Im going to give this a go tomorrow
    to fill a chocolate cake.

  2. Good Luck! I'm looking for a way to stabilize the whipped cream, now. But we love this recipe too! :)