Saturday, June 19, 2010

One week away

Here we go again, just about a week away from my second half marathon. This week has been terribly crazy! But well worth all the chaos! Training has been difficult. I am convinced that anyone with kids who is training for any type of physical challenge, must also have the challenge of finding time to fit it in!! I am doing great.  I had my long run on Sunday and have been doing short-mid distance runs throughout the week. The goal was to reach over 20 miles...and I am almost there. Today will push me over that 20 mile mark! YEAH.
In between training and all the family activities that come about at the end of the school year, not to mention playdates and work...I've managed to bake 4 different types of cookies ( I have no idea how many dozens it works out to be..BUT IT IS ALOT!!) & a special cake for my daughter's friend!

It is a yellow vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting (as requested!)

Hoping for some better pics!

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