Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welll Hello!!

Life has been completely chaotic and fulfilling all at the same time lately! For the longest time I have contemplated on making my cakes & cookies into something a little more. As my children get older, I find that I have begun to allow myself to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do- which in turn will benefit "us". Over the winter I decided to start looking for a commercial kitchen to use. The kitchen needed to be in the local area... so I could still be close to home. It has defintely been a journey finding a kicthen.  I found a few that were extremely far away and pricey. I also found one in a local church, however they felt that the cake business was too much of a liability on their part... totally understandable. Then one day I called down to the local pub that I run past almost every week. My husband and I have always thought it was a a cute little place. It is fairly new. When it first opened we went down for some drinks and appetizers. Good times!!
Anyway, back to the pub, I called up and asked if I could use there kitchen and ya know, the guy (mike) on the phone said yes.I was excited, nervous, and amazed all at the same time. I began looking into the process of licensing, how to start my own business...what did I need to do? First up was getting a bakery license. After a million phone calls to the state of CT ...I finally figured out how to get my license! 2 weeks ago, the state of CT came down to the pub and approved my bakery license!! (THANKS to Mike for answering the questions and for giving me some great advice..."ok")
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! I have a bakery license? I have a few more "next steps" then I will begin my little mamma business. I am working on a website...and finishing up the paperwork process, as well as looking for labels and packaging products!!! My kids are beyond excited...and so am I. I absolutely love being in the kitchen and creating, as they say "crazy cakes".

I'll keep you posted on that...and more recipes are coming too! BUT first, I will be having a giveaway really soon. My next post will be allll about that! So stay tuned.

ON another any of you use local honey?? Well I do. I love to use fresh ingredients in my baking and every day home life as well. Whether it be in my cakes, cookies, or even my tea. Here's something I'd like to share with you! My husband's co-worker gave him a container of homemade honey!!!

I swear it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. IT is part of the honey comb. HOW AMAZING. We are sooo lucky to have been given this great gift. I am not sure exactly how it works...but my husband showed me images of the bee hive and all the bee's. It's a beautiful site.
Here's a picture of the top:

GORGEOUS! (not the greatest picture because of the grey lighting this morning!) I can't wait to use it! Thank you Clarita.

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