Friday, September 17, 2010

CupcakeCamp New Haven

We are less than a day away!
Tomorrow morning... the first official CUPCAKECAMP New Haven will take place at BAR! How exciting is this?! I can not wait to meet all of our hard working bakers, bakery sponsors, and our tasters too.
Last night while I was baking, in the kitchen of McCoy's Pub, I kept thinking of all the different varieties of cupcakes that would be at cupcakecamp! If it were not for all of our bakers...there would be no cupcake camp. CupcakeCamp is sure to be a sweet event. As for me (kelli's cakes)...I will be bringing chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! I will post pictures tomorrow!
Isn't it AMAZING that one little common interest...cupcakes...can bring a community together?!
See you all tommorrow! Check out NBC 30 tonight for coverage on cupcakecamp!! ALSO tune into WTNH Channel 8's GOOD MORNING CT tomorrow morning ---they will be sharing the cupcake love!!

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  1. I am sure you will have a lot of fun. Good luck.