Thursday, October 21, 2010


LIZ you are the winner~!!!!! Please email me!!
My time was 1 hour 45 minutes!! 15 minutes better than last year. I was secretly hoping for 1 hour and 30 minutes..but my time showed improvement. The army ten-miler is my absolute favorite race!

I have been selected by CSN Stores to review products & also to give some away.
A little about CSN: In total, CSN Stores has over 1 million products and that number is constantly growing. Not only is their product catalog growing but they are adding new stores like children's toys, too. They have everything & anything you can imagine! Seriously! Are you looking for a new dining room table? They've got it.
Check out their online stores & you will be amazed!
Their cookware selection is phenomenal.

Since this will be the first one...
I mentioned I have a secret goal time for my upcoming race this weekend...I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for the first give away.

(actually I did one give away from CSN before.. remember? click here)-
I figured that giving away a
$50 gift certificate
would be so much fun!
Don't you think so too?

Ok so here is how the giveaway works:

On Sunday, I will be running the army ten-miler in washington d.c. all you have to do is guess my time, The person who guesses exactly or closest will win! Please only post one time! (BTW... last year I ran the race in a little over 2 hours )
For extra posting chances... you can:

1) become a new fan on facebook
2  become a new friend on facebook
3) become a new follower of my blog

READY...SET... GO!!!!!

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Army 10-Miler...take 2

Hey guess what? This weekend is the Army Ten-Miler. Earlier this year I wrote about my running journey. This year has been great! I've run in 2 half marathons & now I am running in the Army Ten-Miler race in Washington D.C. IT's on SUNDAY.. exactly 3 days away to the minute! I can't believe it is already here. I have been running and training to the best of my ability. I am sure you know how busy life gets! I fit running in between, my new baking company, being a mom..and all of the duties that come along with that, my regular job, and LIFE! Running is my sweet escape.
This year I feel more confident. Running long distance is and has always been a struggle for me. I feel like I am better prepared and I am hoping my time will be better. It has seemed to improve with in the last few months. I have been running with a running group, a couple of different mom friends (who are faster than me--which works out great..motivation to go faster!) & on my own. So..I am really excited and hoping I meet my secret goal time.

Also this year, I will have a couple of cheerleaders traveling with me. My husband & son will be riding down to D.C. with me. We are turning this into a mini-weekend vacation. My son is excited to see the sites & learn all about D.C. He was hoping to see the white house..but go figure the tours are all booked up!!  Travel time is about 5 hours-- from where we live. It's nice to have their positive support..& I especially love seeing them at the finish line.
The finish line is always emotional for me. I swear every long race.. about a quarter of a mile away from the finish..I begin to well up & I am always thinking "I did it...Oh my.. I did it". Looking back at each race... it makes me giggle at how emotional I get! ha.
Wish me luck!

p.s. Giveaway next!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apple Pie

Today I went down to the pub to start some Halloween Cookies. I also, baked an apple pie. I used a recipe that my mom passed down to me. The pie is just delicious. I thought I'd share it with you! I hope you get a chance to try it out and share your thoughts!

Apple Pie
preheat oven to 400 degrees

Here's what ya need:
9 inch pie shell
2/3 cup unsifted all purpose flour
1/3 cup light brown sugar packed
1/3 cup of butter
Apple Filling:
2lbs of tart cooking apples (i used mac's and granny smith)
1 tbls of lemon juice
2 tbls flour
3/4 cup of sugar
dash of salt
1 tsp of cinnamon
First put your crust into you pie plate and refrigerate.
Time to make your topping!
Combine flour and sugar in bowl and cut in butter until you end up with crumbs. Refrigerate.
Next, core and thinly slice apples and place in large bowl. Add lemon juice and toss.

In a separate bowl combine sugar, salt, flour and cinnamon. 
Mix well... then toss with apples.

Pour apple mixture into pie crust, make sure it goes in evenly.
Then top with crumble topping. 

Place in oven at 400 degrees and bake for 40-45 minutes!



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