Thursday, October 21, 2010

Army 10-Miler...take 2

Hey guess what? This weekend is the Army Ten-Miler. Earlier this year I wrote about my running journey. This year has been great! I've run in 2 half marathons & now I am running in the Army Ten-Miler race in Washington D.C. IT's on SUNDAY.. exactly 3 days away to the minute! I can't believe it is already here. I have been running and training to the best of my ability. I am sure you know how busy life gets! I fit running in between, my new baking company, being a mom..and all of the duties that come along with that, my regular job, and LIFE! Running is my sweet escape.
This year I feel more confident. Running long distance is and has always been a struggle for me. I feel like I am better prepared and I am hoping my time will be better. It has seemed to improve with in the last few months. I have been running with a running group, a couple of different mom friends (who are faster than me--which works out great..motivation to go faster!) & on my own. So..I am really excited and hoping I meet my secret goal time.

Also this year, I will have a couple of cheerleaders traveling with me. My husband & son will be riding down to D.C. with me. We are turning this into a mini-weekend vacation. My son is excited to see the sites & learn all about D.C. He was hoping to see the white house..but go figure the tours are all booked up!!  Travel time is about 5 hours-- from where we live. It's nice to have their positive support..& I especially love seeing them at the finish line.
The finish line is always emotional for me. I swear every long race.. about a quarter of a mile away from the finish..I begin to well up & I am always thinking "I did it...Oh my.. I did it". Looking back at each race... it makes me giggle at how emotional I get! ha.
Wish me luck!

p.s. Giveaway next!

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