Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby feet cupcake toppers!

Last night I was at an event for my daughter's dance school. And of course one of the mom's and I were chatting about baby shower ideas for cupcakes she is making for a family member. A little over a year ago I made baby shower cuppy's for my sister. So I shared the idea of little fondant feet for cupcake toppers. They are simple, cute and just perfect to jazz up your baby shower cucpakes! Here is a photo of the cutters I found while vacationing on Cape Cod a couple of summers ago. (We stay in Brewster every summer. One of my favorite store's to stop by is the Strawberry Patch. It's a small specialty shop in a barn. They have so many different special things from hand knit baby irish sweaters to cookie cutters to christmas decorations! Oh and I can't forget the train that they have set up outside! It come inside to store at night...kind of like Mr. that was a tangent!!)

Aren't they cute? They come in 3 different sizes! So if you wanted to make cookies as favors, the larger cutter is the perfect size! I used the mini for these cupcake toppers...

Here are some pictures of the cupcakes and cookies I made for my sister's baby shower!

(these are the toppers)

Cute right? Everything about babies is fun and cute to me! Babies are always a reason for celebrating!
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