Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dora Cuppy's

A very nice mom asked me to make some special dora cuppy's for her daughter for her birthday. She also informed me that she and her daughter liked the cuppy's that they saw while watching Nick Jr.
Well, I went to nickjr.com and walla...there they were! A step by step how-to..for dora cuppy's! They are really cute! While I was making them I realized that the chocolate chip eyes were not looking exactly how I would like them to look. So instead of the chocolate chips, I decided to pipe the rest of the eyes on these little cuppy's!
Want to make these cutey's yourself?? Well here is the link! Let me know if you do!

They are a bit time consuming..but take it in steps and you'll have the
cutest Dora Cuppy's ever!
You can do it!


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