Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey it's March!!

In honor of March finally arriving...and to keep the creativity flowing...throughout the entire week...(I"ll be making a TON of cupcakes this weekend!) I thought I would try these babies out...
vanilla cake w/ a surprise shamrock inside..topped with delicious buttercream!
CUTE right????
 Happy MARCH!

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  2. Oh my word! This is so cute!! Please please share with me how you created the shamrock inside the cupcake! I would love to learn!!!


  3. How did you do that? So amazing

  4. I will put up my post soon! They are so fun and easy you are going to love it!

  5. can't wait to see how you made this!

  6. So cute! You must share before time runs out for St. Patty's Day!
    Enjoy! Sharon

  7. I'm dying to know how you did this! I saw a cake with a heart in the middle but there's no way you did that for these cupcakes!! Please share soon...

  8. Please! Please! Please! Share with us all your secret to such an amazing treat! ;-) I have the urge to make green cupcakes (like yesterday) and this would be my #1 pick now!!!

  9. Hi Stefanie!
    Just starting a batch of these this morning! :) I'll blog tonight!
    To get ya started... You will need your cupcake liners, green food dye, a mini shamrock cookie cutter, depending on what type of cake you want.. (today I am making chocolate cuppy's with a vanilla cake shamrock in the middle) & frosting-(I'm going for a creamy mint buttercream...a combined inspiration of those yummy thin mints and st. patricks day)
    I start off by making a vanilla cake dyed green on a sheet pan. This is what you will use to make the shamrocks inside!
    You will probably want to do that ahead of time, since the cake will need to cool.

    I've started that this morning- and my frosting! :)
    I'm making chocolate cuppy's.
    First, coat the cupcake liner with your cake batter, cut out a shamrock cake pieces, place one shamrock in the middle of the batter (in the liner) then cover with a little more batter... make sense?
    Then bake them just like a regular cupcake...
    You will have to be sure to know which way your shamrock is facing so that when you eventually frost and slice.. you get a shamrock on either side..
    Ok that's a brief overview, will take pictures tonight and post :)