Tuesday, January 17, 2012

90th birthday party cake

When my Uncle asked me to make the cake for a surprise party that was going to be given for my grandparents...of course I was very excited. They are two of the kindest, most real, honest-loving...live life to the fullest people I know. They have travelled around the world...been everywhere you could ever imagine wanting to go- had 7 children, started a huge family which consists of more aunts, uncles, and cousins than any one person could dream of having. They created simple family traditions (such as Friday night homemade pizza, family dinners, zeppoli on Christmas eve, initial cookies at Easter, Vermont..just to name a few) that we will all carry with us and share with our children. They have strong beliefs in their faith as well as  education. They have given all of us opportunities such as a college education and many many memories of huge family gatherings & good times at the lake---
They are perfect examples of living the American dream.
They both are Italian Americans. My grandfather came over to America as a young boy and my grandmother was born here.  They both spoke Italian first and are both brilliant, loving, good people.
Most time spent with my grandparents involve some type of food!! Whether it be a weekly visit, a holiday or shared dinner or even a quick trip to Friendly's for an ice cream sunday- time spent with each of them is always a gift.

This year they are both turning 90! An amazing number.
Here's to many more years of good health, (possibly from juicing..or maybe good genes) and MUCH happiness!
I love you both.

(vanilla cake top layer has chocolate ganache filling, bottom has chocolate buttercream)

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  1. Wow!! 90! That's amazing! God Bless!
    Beautiful cake, very elegant and sounds like it was delicious!