Friday, March 16, 2012

Shamrock cuppy's step by step

It's that time of year again... St. Patrick's Day! Usually my family & family friends all get together to celebrate my dad's birthday with a huge party at my parent's. Every year (but this one...) my mother throws my dad a huge birthday party- kind of ironic because he's 100% italian and born on an irish holiday...good thing he married an amazing irish women! She makes his favorites, soda bread, guiness stew... all the steamed veggies (kind of gagging as I write this at the thought of the smell of the cabbage).. corn beef, cabbage.. yeah you know what I'm talking about. .. :)  Usually I bring shamrock cookies to the party. Since the party won't be taking place this hemm... AND there was a recent request for a "how to" I tried out last year for shamrock cuppy's (it took me all year to get to it..ugh)- I decided to go for it and make these for our own little special dessert. Which we will somehow fit into the crazy day (ok 2 days) that will be spent driving my daughter around so she can irish dance, march in a parade, have fun with her dance friends, and make alot of people who are celebrating St. Patrick's day happy!!  It's alot of fun! Yeah!

Here's what ya need:
One vanilla cake tinted green (cooked and cooled)
Chocolate or vanilla cake batter (for cupcakes)
Frosting & decorations of your choice
Cupcake pan and liners
A mini shamrock cookie cutter

 (Sorry about the lighting in the these pictures!!! Couldn't wait to get this post up... also the melted frosting.. don't forget to let your cuppy's cool... again trying to get the post up!)

First, line your cupcake trays with cupcake liners and preheat your oven! Then, take your vanilla cake (that is tinted green and completely cooled) and cut out your shamrocks with your shamrock cookie cutter.

Now, take your cake batter (I used chocolate) and coat the bottom of the cupcake liner.

Next, place your shamrocks into the batter- you might have to gently push it down just so the it stands up.
dont' they look so cute?? 
Ok now you are going to need to cover those cutey pies with the cake batter...sounds a little tricky but don't worry it's not that bad. You might have to prop up the shamrock in the middle so that it doesn't tip it out a little.
Make sure they are standing up straight...and that they don't start floating around..(it happend once to me... I have no idea why..but it did) Coat it. When it cooks the batter will bake around it.
Do that to all of your cuppy's, ok?
Then get those babies in the oven... and let the magic happen!!!

Bake, Cook, then frost & decorate!
Not too bad right?? A little time consuming & few more steps than regular cupcakes..but easy!! Now just think of what else you could put in the middle of your cupcakes?? Hearts for valentines.. (or just to say I love you?? aw, sweet.) Maybe flowers, butterflies, stars... The wheels are turning.. I'm already thinking about stars & red, white and blue... how about you???
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